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Ball joints on a '98 Ford Contour--rip off?

Background: I purchased a '98 Contour out-of-state with 78k mi on it. As has been my policy since they offered this, I purchased the “lifetime” alignment at a certain tire mfr’s store, and said, “As long as it’s here, why don’t you do the inspection, too?”

So, they say it needed: driver’s side mirror, e-brake cable, horn, wipers, and both ball joints. I did everything but the driver’s side ball joint, as it was seroiusly rusted in place. Every other squak was legitimate.

Now, 4.5 mo and 10k mi later, I bring it in to have the passenger’s side halfshaft replaced. They say it needs new balljoins–AGAIN! Once I pointed out they did the one ball joint recently, they changed it to, “Well, really it was the other side that needs it.”

Is there ANY way this could be legitimate?

(I suppose if I wanted to be a real jagoff, I could check for warranty and say, “Oh just replace the one under warranty, if you please.”)

yes. you already admitted the one side was NOT done, now it needs to be done.

the problem of them doing both sides again is up to you. i would just have them do the side that was ‘rusted’