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New ford f150 brake rotors

I want to replace my front rotors and pads. The last ones, good ones I thought, warped sooner than I hoped. What brand might be best? I’m doing it myself. Could they have warped them when the guy replaced my tires without a torque wrench?

When purchasing aftermarket brake rotors, you want those that meets or excedes the orginal manufacturers specifications. The same holds true when purchasing aftermarket brake pads. Also, read the information that comes with the brake pads. Some require that a specific break-in procedure be followed when the vehicle is first driven. Failing to follow this procedure can result in warped brake rotors among other problems with the brakes.


Thanks for the note. I was hoping that I didn’t have to look at performance parts for a regular brake job. Will the auto parts places be able to tell me the spec comparisons on their parts?

Most auto stores will ask if you want the cheap or the good rotors and pads. Good meaning they meet or excede the OEM’s specs. Which of course will cost a little more.


The last rotors I bought, I had asked for the best at a local parts store, they were wagners, and I paid about $120 each. I’ll try a cheapper store and try the same wagners. I’ll give it a shot. I wonder if any ford guys out there can suggest a brand that is best.

Yes, shop around, if it’s not a rush you can try the internet, too. $120 each is high.

So just how sure are you the problem is a warped brake rotor one?
The fact you may have a brake shudder does not mean the rotors are warped; or warped bad enough to be a problem.

A loose wheel bearing or suspension component can mimic a brake shudder.

I’m not sure. I did jack the truck, and attempt to feel play in the axle by lifting with a bar. The shudder only occurs with a load (trailer) at slower speeds (30mph), or at about 45-50 miles per hour when slowing from highway speeds. Any suggestions for diagnosing? I did have the ball joints checked not long ago.