Ford Contour Air-Inlet O-Ring

The o-ring sits over the o.d. of the throttle-body. It is torn. It leaks air and creates an error-code (so I’ll fail inspection). Ford does not sell the o-ring. You must buy the entire plenum($76). It seems a bit “steep” for one o-ring. How am I wrong(???), and is there another solution.( junkyards do not seem to be able to help much). Thanks for your help.

See if you can make your own! Get a piece of rubber and an X-acto knife and see if you can duplicate the original.


I agree. Use material from the parts store so you don’t have to worry about chemical attack or heat degradation. You may even be able to find a really similar O-ring at the store if you ignore the package application labels and just browse…with the dimensions and a tape measure in hand.

What engine? Is this what you’re talking about?