Fuel Injector question

Two weeks ago when I changing spark plugs for my camry I mistakenly took out three front fuel injectors and tore up fuel injectors three small O-Rings. I found out o-rings were torn when I put these back and turned on the engine then gas was leaking from the fuel injector areas. Also, It was Saturday so I couldn’t buy original o-rings so I put rubber bands around fuel injectors and put it back to my engine and it stopped leaking.

My question is that since three fuel injectors are working correctly do I still take these fuel injectors and change the o-rings to original one?

Get the right O-rings in there as soon as possible. Rubber bands will degrade when exposed to gasoline. You don’t know when they will disintegrate and a leak will start again – think massive fire. The correct O-rings are made of neoprene.

Consult with your Toyota parts department.

The rubber bands are only a temporary fix. The gasoline will dissolve ordinary rubber bands over time. Also, they might melt or soften from engine temperature. The proper o-rings are specially formulated to resist gasoline, oil and high temperatures.

Just in case you’re still in doubt, you absolutely must get new O-rings. I would do it asap.

Do not drive this car one inch until it’s fixed or you may be dialing 911 for the fire dept. instead.

Neoprene- are you sure? Neoprene does not fair well under long term compression set, especially against compounds such as Nitrile and Viton rubbers. Viton is superior in the areas of long term set, heat and oil resistance. I thought this was the more commonly specified compound in these applications but I could be mistaken…

Thanks for all the info… I got the genuine o-ring from the dealer and changed it today so I hope my car won’t be caught in fire anytime soon.

They will probably be just as good and a lot less expensive from an auto parts store.