Ford ac on losing power truck stalling out

Truck running good but when I turn on ac it starts hesitating stalling truck lose power have to pull over shut ac off restart an truck runs good no stalling after that I just leave it off tuck runs good. Help

Offhand, sounds like the A/C compressor is trying to seize up. I would think if it was a compressor clutch problem there would be some noise. Another slim possibility is an idler or tensioner bearing trying to seize up.

Still grasping at straws, another slim possibility could be an A/C system problem in which the high side A/C pressure is getting too high.

If the assumption (right or wrong) is that the compressor is trying to seize you may be able to head it off by having some oil charge added to the system.
It’s common for auto A/C to leak a bit over the years and with refrigerant loss comes some oil loss. This problem seems to be worse on vehicles with the compressor mounted down low.

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The coolant running really hot I for got to mention that sorry

You need to fix the overheating problem first before you destroy the engine which if that happens you won’t have to worry about it stalling out . when was the last time you changed the coolant . What year , make and model ford truck . Does it have an electric cooling fan or a viscous clutch type fan ?

It may be possible to temporarily remove the belt that drives the compressor as a test, idling in the driveway. If the problem goes away, you’ve proved it is caused by something on the belt path. Don’t do this experiment this for any length of time b/c the water pump, among other important functions, may be on the belt path.

The cooling system problem could be contributing, as the hotter the engine compartment the harder the AC has to work, so the advice above to solve the cooling system problem first is spot on. Make sure all the fans in the engine compartment are working correctly.

Symptoms like this and running hot could mean that the engine is trying to seize. This in turn can lead to severe oil consumption problems.

With the A/C on make sure the radiator cooling fans are running. If not, do not use the A/C until the fan issue is resolved.

The fan is running an working just over heating water neadle on gage is way up on H going to have it look at tomorrow will not have far to drive .