Car Is Stalling Out

I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra and recently have had problems with the car stalling out when the AC on. I first noticed it when I turned the AC on when the car was idling. All the dashboard lights dimmed, and the stereo cut out. It jumped back up to normal quickly, and as I accelerated, the car stalled briefly.

Is this compressor? Electrial? O2 Sensor? It runs perfect when the AC is off.

Yes, the A/C compressor could be causing the problem. You will need a repair shop to fix it…possibly change the A/C compressor.

You also have a circuit that manually bumps the idle up slightly when the AC is on to compensate for the added load.

As I’m unfamiliar with details, perhaps someone here who’s corrected that problem can help me out here.