1986 Ford Taurus

Hi there–I am having problem with my car. Everytime I turned the a/c on and drive it, there is this whooing sound evrytime I press my foot to the accelator, and it gets stiffier to steer. Once I turned the the a/c off its gone, just like the normal car. Also I noticed that everytime I turned the a/c there is no water coming out of the car, as the normal car would everytime you have the a/c on. the coolant seems to be working ok, no overheating or whatsoever. I took it to my mechanics, and they said that there is something wrong with the fan, but couldn’t find the parts for it. Also, they changed the water pump last November too. What seems to be realy wrong? Help!

I don’t know how this particular car is set up, but if the same belt runs the AC compressor and the power steering, then if that belt is slipping or if the AC compressor is failing, the steering might become harder with the AC on. You should have a mechanic watch the belt while you turn the AC on and off, while the engine is running.

Agree with WentWest; check the AC compressor. My guess is the compressor or the clutch that engages and disengages the AC is failing and creating extra drag on the fan belt. That would explain the noise and the stiff steering.

Is the AC providing any cold air? 20+ years from an AC compressor is good. The question for you is do you need AC enough to fix this or just leave the AC off and keep on driving the car. With the AC off the clutch is not engaging the AC and there is no drag and strain on the belt. You can drive like this forever if you can live without AC.

yes, a/c is cooling, actually, the a/c has been replaced about 2 years ago, when I got the car. And I do need the a/c, I live in Florida, and also, the car has just 25,000+ mileage on it. the mechanic, also said just turned the a/c off while he’s trying to figure out what’s wrong, for he is more worry about overheating.

Thank’s for the quick response, I really appreciate it, now, when i go back to him ,I know what to say or at least he knows what to look for.

Many Thank’s!