Ford 500 abs and all wheel drive problems

Hey Everyone
I have a 2006 ford 500 with dash and all wheel drive problems. The car keeps plowing the abs fuse and after that the dashboard goes out the cruise control stops working and the seat heaters will not work the car also stops being all wheel drive and becomes a one wheel wonder. I have taken it two a few shops with no answers. One shop/dealer said it’s time for a new car. Dose anyone have any idea what could be wrong and how to fix it

Which fuse?

The 40 amp, the 20 or either of the 10 amp fuses?
If the 40 amp is blowing, plan on putting in the the HCU (Hydraulic Control Units) This is the ABS valve block with the pump motor. If the 40 amp blows, the pump motor is shorted. If the 20 amp is blowing, it is either a wiring feed to the ABS module or one or more of the solenoids is shorted.

If the ABS goes offline, critical speed and vehicle stability data will not be sent to other control modules in the vehicle. (All the computers have to talk to each other) Because of this, AWD, Cruise Control, Instrument cluster functions will be inhibited. This is just a byproduct of how the system works. Loss of critical data cannot cause system damage or cause a safety issue to the operator… AKA, the AWD is inhibited because the AWD system cannot know the speed variation front to rear… What if if the vehicle had dissimilar sized tires installed… Actuating the AWD clutch in such a case would destroy the AWD unit in fairly short order. More importantly, we cannot have the stability control system trying to fight against the AWD during a situation of severe vehicle yaw. (Vehicle is entering or in a spin) The same would be true for the cruise control… If we don’t accurately know vehicle speed, we cannot have the PCM take control of the engine throttle to hold or achieve speed.

This should be really easy to resolve… Which fuse, then find the root cause of the the fuse blowing and fix it.I would not give up on the car yet.

Fuse #19, 10 amp supplies power to the ABS, Traction Control System, instrument cluster, and heated seats. So if that fuse blows those circuits will shut down.

Fuse #18, 10 amp supplies power to the cruise control.

Also, if the ABS shuts down the Traction Control/All Wheel Drive won’t operate.

The Traction Control/All Wheel Drive systems rely on the wheel speed sensors input to operate properly.

So if the ABS stops working, there’s no input from the wheel speed sensors.

Since fuse #19 supplies power to the heated seats, I would try unplugging the heated seats to see if that prevents the fuse from blowing.


It is the 10 amp fuse it’ll blow as soon as I replace and restart the car I will try unplugging the seats to see if anything changes any other ideas on where to look for a short. On a side note the Power mirrors will move to a different location every time I restart