2007 FJ Cruiser 40 AMP Fuse Keeps Blowing Out

2007 FJ, 4WD, 65K Miles. I replaced the 120 AMP Fuse. Starts, everything seems to work, but the 40 AMP Fuse (ABS Motor) is blown. New fuses blow as soon as I place them in. Brakes pedal has little resistance and can barely stop the vehicle at slow speeds.

What will stop the 40 amp ABS fuse from blowing?

You need to have your vehicle towed to a good independent mechanic. You have a very dangerous situation here if the brakes will not even stop the vehicle at slow speeds. A 40amp fuse should not blow easily so that problem is going to have to be addressed. Why did you replace the 120amp fuse in the first place? You have given us a very grief description and I think there is more to the story. Was this vehicle in a flood or driven into a lake?

There is obviously a short in the main power circuit of your braking system if the fuse blows immediately. Brakes are a safety item, not a convenience, and your car needs to be towed to a shop and repaired regardless of cost or convenience.

If you had to replace the 120 amp main fuse you either tried to jump start the car backwards or have some other major electrical malfunction, right?

I think the original short was a wire for an aftermarket gps system that sat on the floor (which occasionally got wet). Eventually the wire casing wore out and with the water shorted out. But after replacing the 120 – everything runs fun – except for the 40 AMP and the ABS motor it causes not to work.