2002 Dodge Dakota Issues

Hello All, Question regarding a 2002 Dodge Dakota, 2wheel drive ext cab 100,000 miles 6 cylinder engine. 1. Cruise control stopped working, get the indicator light on dash, but no cruise. Would I start with the Clock Spring? Will Durango parts interchange? ABS Light, was told the problem is the main unit that mounts on the driver side fender. Have tried replacing with other units from the local scrap yard, but still get warning lights/sounds. Dealer want $300 for a new part, but not sure this is my problem.
Thanks for your help. twk22@hotmail.com

The ABS system includes speed sensors on each wheel, a control module (computer) and a hydraulic pump connected to the brake lines that modulates the pressure to each wheel. A fault in any part of the system can trigger the light. I’m not sure which of those pieces is mounted on the fender, but what makes you think it is that piece and not a wheel sensor or the main pump for that matter?

If, when you set the cruise control on the steering wheel, you get the acknowledgement light on the dash but it does not actually hold the speed, I would not suspect the clockspring, at least not at first.

Check your brake light switch for proper operation. It will make a mess of cruise control if it has a problem.

It sounds pretty obvious to me that what you were “told” about the ABS issue was wrong. Who told you this and on what basis? You need a good local brake shop with the kind of equipment (computer scanning/electronics testing) required to check the entire ABS system.

Hello cigroller and StrongDreams. Thank you for your replies.
In taking the truck to a small shop, the guy hooked up the ABS check light detector, and told me that it was the module “abs computer” that was the problem. He did check for other error codes, nothing else showed up. I will get another opinion. As far as the cruise goes…I will check the brake switch setting. I have tried replacing the unit that has the cable attached to the accelerator thinking that was the bad part. It has good vacuum with no leaks. What else would I look for? I have read a lot about the clock spring, and all symptoms point to this, but I hate to replace parts if I don’t have to. I do get the cruise light on the dash when pushing the steering wheel cruise power button, but get no reaction from the cruise at all, just the “cruise” light on the dash.