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Force GM to start a recall?

How do we get GM to do a recall? This recall is for the Sun roof in Saturn Aura XR cars. The hoses become disconnected or clogged and water poors into the computer and causes random errors and failures as described in the post.

The other issue is…that water soaks the carpets every time it rains and black mold forms which could be deadly.

I can park my car…and if it rains…when I go to start it again I could have 2-5 errors on my dashboard that go away once the car dries out and the self diagnoses tests run and the modules test fine.

But until the errors are cleared by the self tests…I may or may not be able to go over 45 MPH…or I may or may not have airbags…and I may or may not have traction control…just ridiculous.

Did you ever find out if your hose disconnected? @JoeO

Sometimes simple sunroof maintenance could go a long way to keep water out… If the tube doesn’t disconnect that is.

“The hoses become disconnected or clogged”? Any recall will take many months at best to get it approved, a fix designed, parts ordered, etc. Seems to me the best thing for you to do is to find a way to fix it yourself. A small hose clamp, or just a piece of wire around it may fix the problem, together with a regular cleaning.

Once the carpet gets wet, it has to be removed and dried outside the car. It won’t dry in the car in any reasonable time frame.

There’s a lot of back room politics involved before even consideration is given to issuing a recall so don’t hold your breath waiting on one.
That could be years or never away.


Sooner or later the problem belongs to the owner and later has arrived for the OP.

First, you have to prove that there’s a safety issue with the vehicle.

Second, there has to be enough complaints filed with the NHTSA for the same issue before a recall is issued by the manufacturer.


“Sooner or later the problem belongs to the owner and later has arrived for the OP.”

I agree. The odds of getting a recall for this problem, especially on a defunct brand, is astronomical.

On a Saturn I’m familar with there’s 4 drain hoses for the sunroof . 2 run down the front pillars & 2 run down the rear pillars & down through the trunk . These drain hoses have like a little bag on the ends that has a slit in the bottom of them for the water to drain out of .
Many Saturn owners snip the slit bottom off these bags because trash gets washed down the hoses & stops up the slits . These hoses has also been known to come disconnected above the headliner which requires lowering the headliner to check & or repair .
Some people run weedeater string through the hoses occasionally to keep them clean & draining .

Go to

and create a complaint. If enough people like you complain and it is considered a safety issue, the NHTSA will force a recall. In the meantime, I suggest you get your car fixed. If a recall is issued, you will get your money back. If there is never a recall, you will still have a car that functions properly.

Besides a recall, sometimes a manufacturer will implement a “customer interest” offer to address a problem many customer’s complain about and later the company discovers the problem was engineered in; i.e. a faulty design. Often they’ll fix it gratis, or at least offer some kind of discount. Recall notices have to be provided to all the owners I guess, but customer interest offers, not sure. It might be the only way to find out is to ask. So besides recalls, ask the dealership about customer interest offers too. You could also subscribe your car to All-Data for a small yearly fee. I think that online database service provides the customer interest offers, in addition to the recalls and the tsbs.

I Asked Yesterday.
Today I Bit.
I Clicked On The Link Given, But Still Cannot Find The Answer To The Simple Question,
'What Model-Year Is JoeO’s Saturn Aura XR ?"

Check the discussion list in Joe’s profile, he has a 2007 Saturn with a wet computer. The safety concern occurs when he insists on driving the vehicle with the warning lights on until the computer dries out. Not likely to cause a safety recall.

"Check the discussion list in Joe’s profile, he has a 2007 Saturn with a wet computer."

Thanks for the info. I generally don’t work that hard to help somebody who posts a question and doesn’t provide the basics and then doesn’t come back to answer anybody else’s questions or participate.