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Infamous Saturn Water Leak

I have an '04 Saturn Ion, great car, never had any problems with it until now. Apparently it’s a common problem, so I’ve found in other car forums. It’s only on the driver side, but every time it rains outside, it rains inside as well. My floor mats are soaked and so is the roof liner, and although I do have a sunroof the leak is more heavily concentrated by the driver side door. I’ve brought this up to the dealership, all they could tell me is that sometimes when it rains heavily water gets through the weather stripping. But this is annoying and I’m concerned about the electronics inside the car, there must be a way to fix this. It’s happened about 5 times now and other forums say they’ve taken their saturns in 7+ times and have yet to get a definite fix. I’ve read about this happening with cars without sunroofs as well. Before I go through the painful process of having tubs cleaned, and parts replaced, does anyone know of a sure fire fix that I could suggest to the mechanics?

Don’t bother with the dealer, they don’t care. Sun roofs have seals, mainly to reduce wind noise and reduce drafts. Those seals are not designed to keep out water, rather they have a drain in each corner to drain the water. It would appear the front driver side drain is blocked. Careful use of sting trimmer line can often free up the drain. Be careful as there are a few joints along the way and if you are not careful you can separate the parts of the drain and make it worse. Same thing with using compressed air to clear them.