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Saw you had answered recent question-still looking for camshaft sensor 3.3 caravan 2003-you said under cross over pipe. At drivers end or as it goes around back of engine? Tried mirror-not sure if in right ball park. Any more detailed help would be appreciated-what else is near it beside bellhousing?

Thank you

Sorry-meant crankshaft sensor–not camshaft–have found the camshaft sensor.

I’ve never replaced the crankshaft position sensor on your year of vehicle. But this all I can tell you is, I looked up the removal and replacemnet of this sensor on your vehicle with the 3.3 liter, and all the information indicates this sensor is hard to see, and even harder to replace.

This sensor is mounted in a reccess of the bell housing. So look for the sensor to be attached to the bell housing to engine flange. That’s the area where Chrysler usually mounted the crankshaft position sensor on some vehicles.