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Crankshaft position sensor 2003 3.3 caravan

Where is it-

Have been feeling around for it-not finding it. Help

It’s located in the transmission bell housing behind the exhaust crossover pipe. Real hard to see unless you use a mirror.


Which way would it be orientated? I read on another post you suggested to leave wire connected and pull up from top-different car/etc. But-not sure i’m even in the ballpark. I can feel the lead from rear O2 sensor and some other wires towards center of car-but nothing that feels like sensor-have tried mirror

These drawings at show where the crankshaft position sensor is
Go there, register, return here, and click on the link (above). No one will hold it against you if you don’t have an oscilloscope to examine the square wave output of the sensor (as the article instructs).

Help–I must be dense-Have replaced trans(rear wheel drive), timing chains, head gaskets, etc
have used multimeter to check pulses for other fixes/other cars-but have no idea where this thing is. Have found cam sensor-no crank–From info so far-it appears that it senses pulse from gap on ring gear/fly wheel so sensor seems that it should be facing towards front or rear of car. Is it coming from the middle of car or from the outside Right> Sorry to be so dense do I have to remove some shield to get to it?

Guess I need a road map= is it near the starter-the other side of the engine, on an end -can i follow some other part to it- have not been successful so far

Were not the drawings at helpful? Did you look a few inches from the oil filter’s 11:00 O’clock position, as shown in one of the drawings?

looked at drawings–they seemed to be generic for different possible placements–near the oil filter wires seemed to deal mostly with starter. as i said really at a loss-other post said by crossover pipe tried checking around bell housing-some wires; but none dead-ended at any type of sensor not sure to look to left, to right, above, below–cannot believe that I am missing it.

Sometimes, following the wire colors helps. The three wires (according to my reference) going to the crankshaft position sensor are: brown/pink, dark blue/dark green, brown/light blue.

Thank you for your response-have been out there all day-have to quit for now-will start again another day–can not believe it is that hard to find-knew it might be hard to reach my big hands into fox-but to find-crazy–oh for the 51 desota-could sit in that engine compartment-change a water pump with 3 clamps 4 bolts with everything else still in.

I’ve been looking for it also, and I cannot find it. Did dropoff ever find it?

I guess we might never know…that’s the normal story.

Go to a parts store and glance at (or purchase) a Haynes or Chilton manual for your car. Find the sensor location, then follow the wires. The sensor could be mounted in any position where it can “see” the ring gear. If you can locate the approximate position of the ring gear, you can narrow it down a bit.

Thanks, but I have a Haynes manual and like dropoff it is of no help. I did see this from dropoff in another thread:

"Follow-up to earlier posts thanks to all who have answered/offered advice.
Manual states place van on jack stands-not sure why–could not reach if from underneath of thru wheel well. Needed to remove battery. battery try, cruise control, and some other minor things to reach from top.
Of course -it did not slide right out-broke into 3 parts-main part flush with converter cover. Could not get to where I could push it thru of grab it–not enough room. Ended up with right angle attachment on dremmel tool and grinding out inside of sensor and then finally prying out aluminum cover over magnets.
Cleaned out opening-ready to put new one in.
Will also retest wires-as they were banged around quite a bit with trying to get access.
Thanks again for assist."
I’ll take out the baterry, etc this weekend.

How is it that ppl with no direct or exact knowledge of the specific question persist in posting generic conjecture about things they have no actual physical experience? I have been looking for the sensor for 2 weeks now. I came across this thread as the ‘best’ the internet has to offer on the subject, and it can not answer the simple question. However, lots of ppl give well meaning advice. With all of the minivans out there, I find it astounding that no one with knowledge will answer this question. When I find the answer, I will share. Shame on those who know and won’t share.

Glad you found my later post. As stated-had to remove battery, tray, cruise control, etc until I could reach the sensor. Had to drill out base as it broke into 3 pieces. Put it back together-started up ran for about 2 days–dies again when at speed. Replaced cam sensor, also broke 2 pieces. --been driving for a while-went cross country-doing okay to date. Good luck

“How is it that ppl with no direct or exact knowledge of the specific question persist in posting generic conjecture about things they have no actual physical experience?”

Perhaps they are just doing their best to try to help out. How is it that some people asking for free advice sometimes get uppity about not getting exactly what they are looking for?

Dropoff shared above.

Look closely at the drawings closely for the 6cly (3.3) engine. It is on the transmission bellhousing.Just as tester said.

Thanks dropoff. I am having trouble removing the cam sensor. I got the mounting bolt out and rotated the sensor, but it wont pull out. Was yours broken first, or did you have to break it to get it out?

Right! it is there. It is not visible without removing the battery tray. Thanks dropoff!