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Crankshaft position sensor location

My son has a 2007 jeep compass 2.4l engine. He needs to change the crankshaft position sensor. Came any one tell me where to find it? He got a pic from autozone but you can’t tell where it is on the engine.

Perhaps the parts guy at the Jeep dealer can provide an exploded view drawing of its location. Ask nicely and most of them are happy to help.

Good detailed info from @NYBo . Remember, it has to be somewhere near the crankshaft, so that narrows it down to the bottom part of the engine. Almost all crank position sensors – not just on Jeeps but most manufacturers – position it near the flywheel/flexplate; i.e. right where the engine meets up with the transmission.


My source indicates that it is located near the transmission on the rear part of the engine block. Looks like access is from above, in the engine compartment.

He needs to remove the plastic cover on the top of engine, remove the air cleaner assembly, and negative battery cable. He should be able to see the sensor and wire going to it next to and below a heat shield. Remove 1 nut & 2 bolts holding the shield and remove it. Any wires that interfere will need to be moved, temporarily.

Remove the bolt holding the sensor and remove it. Then disconnect the wire from it.


Thanks anyone for the help.


I’ll go off-topic

Not ALL crankshaft position sensors are near “the bottom part of the engine”

I’ve worked on several, where the sensor is at the TOP of the bellhousing. And the choice is either lie on top of the engine, and skin your knuckles removing it. Or try to do it from below.


You’re Welcome! Let us know how it goes.