Followup on coolant leak


So the coolant leak in my '95 Galant is from the pipe that runs from the waterpump to the thermostat housing. It passes under the exhaust manifold and it is not a hose, it is metal. Now the end that enters a hole in the waterpump area is leaking. What kind os seal or O ring should I be looking for? What do I ask for in the parts store?


It is an O-Ring. It is the coolant pipe O-Ring.
Beck-Arnley part #0394003
$1.99 @
~Michael (Dartman69)


Thanks, it looks like I will also need the other gaskets for the thermostat, might as well change the thermostat while at it. I only hope I can collect the coolant properly not to get in trouble with management in this apts we are living in.


Buy a new tube too, it’s probably rusted and THAT’s what caused the seal to fail. Have a garden hose nearby to clean up any spilled coolant.


Thanks for the posts, esp Dartman. I ended ordering the O-ring from the dealer, because the local Kragen didn’t have it in stock and I didn’t want to be stuck running to the parts store trying to fit an O-ring with the car not operable. The job took a total of an hour to do and another hour to clean the mess and take the coolant to the local recycling center. With less than $20 spent it beats the local mechanics’ estimate of $600 to change take the water pump out and changing the O-ring.


Alays glad to hear from a DIY’er that gets back on the road.


Alays glad to hear from a DIY’er that gets back on the road.