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2001 Ford Taurus Coolant Leak

I have coolant leaking from a metal “L” shaped coupling just behind the thermostat on this 3.0 U code engine as pictured. I went to the salvage yard and pulled one and it seems that it just sticks in there. It seems inadequate but I was wondering if that’s all there is to it. I found a Doorman 626-229 coupling but not sure if that is the part. Thanks for any guidance with this problem.

There must be little to no pressure in that line. Is it leaking at the top left or bottom right connection? The only time I’ve run up against something like that was the electric pump’s connection to the plastic bottle for the windshield spray nozzles. The pump just pressed into a rubber grommet like gadget. It sprung a leak there, so I emptied the bottle, dabbed a little rtv sealant on the pertinent part of the pump, inserted, and let it sit 24 hours before putting water back into the bottle. That stopped the leak for me. I suspect if I went to a Toyota dealership they might have those rubber grommets for sale.

Yes, it simply pulls out. There is an O ring at the end. Make sure you get the right size when you install the replacement. You will feel some resistant as you push the part in. When you do, give it a little extra push to seat the O ring.

Seems it is leaking around the O ring, not damage to the actual tube.

The replies are appreciated and helpful. I pulled the coupling out and it had a hole in it. I was unable to find a new part so I installed the used one I bought. There was no O-ring - - at least I didn’t find one - - but the part slipped right in firmly and doesn’t leak. Sure would like to find a new part though. Thanks again for the replies.

There may be a new one somewhere in the world sitting in a Ford dealership’s parts department as NOS (new old stock). Ask at your local Ford dealership parts department, maybe they’ll take the time to check their world-wide computer database for NOS. If I had that problem however and a used one fixed the leak, for a 2001 Taurus, I’d say let good-enough alone. It’s sort of an unusual design for a cooling system hose connection though.

so… don’t touch it, it’s fixed.

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