Coolant leak


I didn’t think this is going to stump me, but here we go.

The car is a Mitsu Galant 2.4 SOHC with 130KM. Has had T belt and waterpump changed 15KM ago. Last summer only once the overflow tank was almost empty. Filled up and no more coolant loss and no leak. Fwd to this summer, again out of nowhere the overflow was empty. Filled up and no leak, UNTIL this morning I saw drips of coolant coming from the water pump area. Now space is tight there and the coolant has kind of created a big wet area. As much as I look I don’t see anything coming from the water pump, but then I don’t see anything from anywhere else either. Wife drove the car for errands and comes back and with the engine warm no more leak. Now I am thinking this is a slow leak and maybe it evaporates b/c of the heat, but I can’t see any evap coming from the area either and no hisses. The waterpump is in a tight spot and with the restrictions in my abode I would not be able to go at it. I am reluctant to take it to a shop without my own diagnosis because they will change the waterpump anyways. SO the question is should I wait and baby it until the leak is more obvious or I am being stupid sending the wife (& kids) on the road with this car trying to save $500 of hard earned money? Any other suggestions welcome!


Take it to the place which changed the water pump and tell them that it appears to be leaking where they worked on the car. They can inspect the car and give you a report. It may be something as simple as tightening some of the bolts which were removed for the water pump and timing belt change. They shouldn’t charge you anything. If there is a charge, you would have to agree to it , first.


“The Place” is now 3500 miles from me, so out of question. Even then I have drove 12KM and a year since the change and it is probably out of warranty. More inspection today and it seems that it is a metal pipe that goes from the waterpump to the thermostat housing. The engine was hot and I couldn’t feel very well, I will have to check when cold and also the power steering pump is in the way. I don’t know if it is the pipe itself or seals attaching it to the waterpump.