Foggy Lens

The headlight lens on my 2004 Lexus is foggy. I don’t think it’s on the inside but I can’t seem to clean it enough to make it bright like it use to be. Any ideas on what the solution would be.

I’ve refurbished headlight lenses successfully with polishing compound, a hand drill, and a 6" buffing pad.

One suggestion; polishing compound works much better wet. Use water. If you can find a sponge type buffer, that’ll work even better.

There are also products out there meant for cleaning that filmy surface. I have a bottle of Maguiar’s (sp?) PlastX which is really easy to use with a minimum of elbow grease.

Check out the shelves at the local autoparts store.

But you seem to be referring to only one lens. It would be odd for only one to be affected and not the other unless it really is on the inside.

Auto parts stores sell kits that include fine sandpaper and lens polish. Make sure you read and follow the directions.

Are both lights the same or is one more foggy. If they are both original lights and both are foggy, they can be refinished as others have suggested, or replaced. If one is foggy and both are original, you probably have a leak.

I’ve tried Plastic-X and it worked OK, but I’ve had much better results with Rain-X.