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Fog lights kept coming on by themselves

My fog lights kept coming on by themselves so I pulled the fuse to get it to stop draining my battery. I since researched that the switch for the fog lights needs to be repaired but I really dont have the extra money at the moment. Is driving around without the fuse in going to cause any long term affects? Or am I just not going to have fog lights for awhile?

As long as that fuse is just for the fog lights it will not effect anything else. Besides , how often do you use them anyway.

Yea I didn’t even know the car had them to be honest. And than the other day someone kept telling me they were on and than my battery died on me at work yesterday so I pulled the fuse

The thing about web forums it allows us to offer unsolicited advice. I do a walk around of my vehicle at least once a day just to see if a tire is low or there is a strange fluid on the ground or even if someone has taken my license tag ( yes-paranoia ) but it does happen.