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2009 Ford Focus Air Filter

Can anyone tell about the Airbox in my friends 2009 Ford Focus SE 2.0l he tells me that his car has a non servicable air cleaner and he has been quoted around $350.00 to replace the air box by his local Ford store.does any one have any info on this. I 've worked in the auto parts aftermarket for over twenty years and still learn something new every day. thank you Big Marc

Two filter types available based on emissions package… (PZEV and non-PZEV… Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) PZEVs use a liftime Air filter and is non-serviceable short of replacing the entire housing…

As you indicated, replacement of the box hasw a fairly steep cost, to the tune of 350-400 dollars. Unless your friend is experiencing performance issues, Just leave the box in. If you really wanted to get an accurate indicator of the filter integrity, you could check for elevated vacuum downstream of the Airbox (Between filter and throttle body) This will tell you if the filter is plugged.

Hopefully this answers your question

They’re supposed to be good for about 150,000 miles - how many on your friend’s Focus?

It is non-serviceable …-- BUT –
it is a high mileage filter.

If you stashed the twenty dollars each time you feel you’d need to replace a normal filter…
You’d already have enough to buy the box.

It has a flow indicator on it.
read the owner’s manual to see where and how to read it.
no need to replace untill restriction is indicated.

The OP should be aware that Ken Green works in the parts department of a Ford dealership, and as a result, is very knowledgeable on this topic.
Take his advice seriously.

I agree with Ken to go buy the flow indicator. If you wanted to replace the air box preemptively, you can do it between 100k and 150k miles. This is what is suggested by Alldata from what I recall.

the car about 98k on the clock its a turnpike car 100 miles one to work every day car does very good on the trip i’m told. thank you all for the info