2013 Hyundai Elantra PZEV Upper (2nd) Air Filter

Was trying to replace the air filter. It turns out there is a second air filter attached to the top of the housing, in PZEV engine vehicles. It’s not meant to be replaced.

A friend thought it wasn’t supposed to be there. It got pulled out, and was torn in the process.

I can’t even figure out how to get a replacement. Some suggest I don’t need to replace it. What do you think?

The manufacturer would not have put the filter in if it was not needed. Try the parts desk @ your local Hyundai dealer.


I have seen a Ford Focus with a lifetime filter. It has a green/red gauge on housing. If it is red, it has met end of life. Time to junk car? Or replace filter housing?

That second filter contains activated charcoal.
Its purpose is to capture any fuel vapors left in the intake manifold and cylinders (with an intake valve open) when the engine stops.
Unburned or partly burned fuel is a pollutant.
By the same token, gas tank fumes are captured by the EVAP system, and crankcase fumes are captured by the PCV system.
The engine doesn’t need the filter to work properly, but it was needed to get the PZEV designation.