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FM reception on 2003 Crown Victoria

FM reception on my 2003 Crown Victoria fades in an out. I’ve checked the antenna connections and they all seem to be secure. AM receptions is consistently good. Any suggestions?

I would check the reception against other radios, and for several stations, not just one. Everything from weather, vegetation, and even solar/sun activity can affect radio reception. Has this has only started in the last few weeks? Here in NY, I’ve recently noticed my FM reception has not been that great.

I’ve had the problem for about a year. Recently though, the reception has gone done for longer periods of time. The FM reception on our other vehicle has been consistently good in our area.

Ford alternated between a real antenna and using the defroster grid on these cars. Which does yours have? If it has the rear window antenna, it is not uncommon for the electrical connections to the grid in the glass to fail. Also there is an amplifier module for the FM signal in the trunk. If it not either of those, then it would be the radio.

We’ve got the antenna in the rear window. Thanks for the suggestions.