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Radio reception is poor after I picked up my car from the shop

I had my transmission replaced, and when I picked up my car the reception in my radio is totally different from before I took it into the shop. I can only get 1 radio station on the radio and when I press the Scan button it can’t find any station. The radio is working, I can play CDs with no problems. The antenna is in the rear window and doesn’t appear to be broken. I briefly checked in the trunk to see if any wiring appeared to be disconnected. Is there anything else I can do to try to fix it on my own?

My guess is that the antenna is disconnected at the radio, see if you can access that connection.

Does the antenna extend and retract automatically? Is it extending?

Rod Knox, the guy stated the antenna is built into the rear glass.

Thanks, db4690. I let that go right over my head.

Do you have a tinted rear window?

check your fuses maybe one of them is bad. my 2000 300M has its antenna in the rear window and has an amplifer in the p.s. rear paneal if there is an amp and the fuse is bad i only get 1 station if luckey

I cannot see how anyone could cause a problem with the radio reception by replacing the transmission. The coax for the radio runs down the passenger side of the vehicle in the sill under the doors. I don’t know whether it is on the inside under the sill covers or on the outside, under the sill but above the plastic trim.

If it is on the outside, then it would be possible that it could have been damaged when they put the car up on the lift. Look on the black panel running underneath the doors on the passenger side for damage or if that panel looks like it has been replaced.

If they did damage the coax, then they probably damaged other wiring as well. The coax cannot be repaired by most technicians, and even then, it cannot be repaired to the level of a new cable, it should be replaced.

One other possibility is that they cleaned the car for you and in the process of cleaning the windows, nicked one of the antenna elements in the glass. If so, it can be repaired with a special paint.