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2003 Ford Crown Victoria Radio will not play

2003 Ford Crown Victoria with only 49K miles. This was my great aunt’s and this car sat a lot(no garage) She has passed and I need to sell but the radio won’t play. CD and cassette are fine. Radio station appears on display but all I get is static. If I wiggle the wires on the back windshield I get reception sometimes but not often. I have taken wires off and cleaned terminals but that did not improve receiption at all. Can anyone offer any ideas?


If you’re selling the car I wouldn’t worry about it.

Just divulge the person buying that radio doesn’t work. There won’t be much difference in selling price.

It does sound like a antenna problem though.

Does the Crown Vic have a “mast” antenna? Or, is the antenna a wire on the windshield or rear window? The antenna connection isn’t making contact either because the antenna is bad, or there is a fault in the wiring and/or connector(s). Not a big fix, just disclose this to potential buyers, or take it to a car audio shop for a repair.