Flush the brakes?

The Toyota dealer wants to flush the brakes and the power steering fluid in my Highlander with 47,000 miles. I have always flushed the radiator, but brake fluid and power steering fluid? They want $92 bucks for each job. What do you think.

You did not say how old that Toyota is. Modern brakes should have their brake fluid changed every two or three years, check your owner’s manual It is a matter of time not miles and is a safety issue. Don’t assume the dealer is following the manual, they are just as likely as anyone else (well less likely than the quick oil change places) to suggest unneeded work.

Again you should check the manual for the power steering fluid.  I might concede that early changes in automatic transmission fluid and power steering fluid is not a bad idea, especially if it fails the smell test. I will have the PS fluid changed before 100K.  

Remember you are not required to have any service other than that covered under the warranty (the stuff you don't pay for) by the dealer.  Just keep good records and the warranty will stay valid.

Brake fluid and power steering fluid used to be considered good for the life of the car. It is only recently that some (but not all) manufacturers have been recommending occasional brake fluid replacement, perhaps every 3-5 years. And there are advocates who insist it be done even more often than that.

Let your owner’s manual be your guide. It may say something about brake fluid; then again, it may not. Same for power steering fluid, which hardly ever needs replacement.

Check your owner’s manual. If it says "Replace brake fluid at xx,xxx miles, then replace it.

PS fluid is good forever, unless the owner’s manual says otherwise.