Flushing due at 60,000 miles, really?



Do I really need to get my fuel injection, power stearing and “brakes flushed out” at 60,000 miles? I have a 2005 Toyota Highlander.


I don’t recommend fuel injection service unless there is a problem to fix. Power steering fluid change is a toss up in my mind. I have had no serious consequences of not doing one on several cars.

Brake fluid change out is recommended since brake fluid can also collect water. This is a good preventive service to keep your brake system working well.


Fuel injection and power steering, no.

Brake fluid, yes.

The first two are profit generators. The third is necessary. The maintenance schedule that came with the vehicle will tell you when the brake fluid should be replaced.


Tell you what. Use a turkey baster, or hand pump, to remove the power steering fluid from the reservoir. Replace with new p/s fluid (maybe 32 ounces). Repeat at 100,000 mile mark.


The brakes should be flushed at every pad change, the others, never. That goes for radiators and transmissions too. Fluid drain and refills for them.


If you decide to get your brake fluid flushed, don’t get it done at a place that is trying to sell you unnecessary services or they will tell you you have one or more “bad” calipers. ( translation, they broke the bleeder off and are too lazy or incompetent to fix it.}




Just read the owner’s manual that came with your car. Unless Toyota has issued a change to the manual then that is where it is at. Note: dealer is not Toyota.

I do recommend automatic transmission fluid changes (along with the filter cleaned or replaced) even if it is not listed. NO FLUSH, just the fluid drain, filter clean and refill with the proper fluid. I suggest this about ever 40 - 60,000 miles. Ignore those who will say changing the fluid will cause problems. They are the people who did not change their fluid until after they started having problems and then changed the fluid too late and it failed shortly after, because it had not been changed timely.


Let me agree with Joseph here. There is a logical argument for flushing the brake fluid and you can read it in the other messages. But most cars in the US go to the scrap yard with pretty much the same brake fluid they left the factory with and accidents caused by brake fluid failure are rare to nonexistent. I wouldn’t flush it unless it is discolored (healthy brake fluid is transparent with maybe a slight yellowish tinge) or the manufacturer recommends flushing in their manuals – which I’d bet they don’t – at least not at 5 years/60K. Maybe at 100K/10years … maybe.

I’d also consider finding someplace to get the car serviced where they don’t have the Jolly Roger flying outside next to the American and state flags.

And yes, Joseph is also right about the transmission fluid change. I’m guessing that Toyota probably recommends a change every 30-40K or 3-4 years. If it’s never been done, do it now – or if you are short of cash – soon.