Brake and Power Steering Fluid

I was advised to replace my brake and power steering fluild at 40,000 by the Chrysler Dealer. Ever heard of this?

Yes, by dealers who need to increase their profits. Unless they have some indication there is contamination, it’s bogus if the manual says something different. What does the manual say ?

Yes…And you should.

Brake fluid and power steering fluid is hygroscopic - meaning it absorbs water. Water will contaminate the fluid. Flushing it removes the water. It’s a pretty simple job if you want to do it yourself.

I’m a believer in flushing brake fluid every 3-4 years. I’ve replaced too many pitted calipers and brake cylinders when they weren’t flushed. Plus, with the expense of the ABS unit, it’s not worth the risk of having moisture-filled brake fluid pit the internal components in it.

Thanks! I can see both sides of this debate. I just thought I was getting riped off. I’ll check the maintenance book. Terry

I don’t agree with the power steering fluid, I have two 15 year old vehicles with the original power steering fluid in them. I do flush out my brake fluid every time I replace the pads or do any work on the brakes, and that turns out be be every 3-4 years anyway.

I was taught to flush brake fluid every 2 years, actually.

I change brake fluid every 3 years.
Since I drive 4000 miles a year and the last set of brake pads lasted 70,000 miles changing the fluid when the pads are changed wouldn’t work for me.

Once a year I drain and refill the power steering fluid reservoir.
It’s a cheap, easy DIY job done with a turkey baster or small siphon hose.

Brake fluid is normally specified by manufacturers to be changed every two or three years. Power steering fluid is normally ATF or another mineral or synthetic hydraulic oil and is not hygroscopic. If not specifically addressed in the maintenance schedule you can change if you wish as preventative maintenance.