Fluid replacement

I have a 1995 Bonneville with 175,000 miles. When I visited the dealership quick lube they told me that I needed to change my brake and power steering fluids. While I, of course, recognize that oil, and to a lesser extent, coolant and transmission fluid needs to be replaced periodically, I wonder about the need to replace these other fluids. What time or mileage needs to pass or what other criteria determines the need. Most important, can flushing the fluids on an old car create more problems than it solves.

If you are still running with the original brake and power steering fluids, yes, you should get them changed. Personally, I don’t change mine that often, but once every 13 years isn’t going to hurt anything.

With power steering fluid, I would do it myself with a simple siphon pump to save money. That is basically all they will be charging you $40 for. With the brake fluid, spring for the full flush and do it once every five years.

Brake fluid should be changed about every three years. The stuff absorbs water and water dies not make a very good brake fluid. That is a safety issue.

The power steering fluid?? I would not really be opposed to it about every 100,000 miles.

dealership quick lube There is something wrong there. If it is the auto dealership, then you are likely paying more than you would most other places and not getting a better product. Likely no less of a product either. Generally independent mechanics are as good and cheaper. If it is a quick oil change place. Run away fast! We see far too many results here from their errors and business techniques.

dealership quick lube

This is a new practice that I have seen at some dealerships. They create a special “express” lane for oil changes to separate it from the regular service bay. It is the cost of the dealership with all of the disadvantages of the quick lube place. Go figure.

I too have noticed this, and wondered whether they were subcontracting…whether the quick lube was actually a concession.

Dealership guys? What are you seeing?