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Independent Mechanic or Transmission shop?

No problem just time for transmission maintenance. Time to do something with transmission fluid. Either flush -or- change with filter change.

Recently someone posted similar question. Responses were heavily for having work done at transmission shop. Reason that stuck in my brain was that it could be done to hard and something would get fouled up in transmission.

Mechanic we use we found through Car Talk. Has lots of good recommendations. No transmission shops listed for area.

Talked to mechanic. The machine they use actually uses the vehicles transmission pump to move the fluid. So I’m thinking the part about doing it “to hard” is probably mute. They also offered to do a -drop the pan & change the filter- type change if I would prefer that.

Just have this sense that transmission shops are really touch and go. Chances of getting a good one are chancey. Get a bad one and you could end up with them pushing a major transmission rebuild or replacement, that isn’t needed. Whereas by going to a reputable mechanic, they don’t have vested interest in finding something wrong with the transmission.

Would appreciate thoughts.

By the way this is a 2005 Toyota Corolla that we bought used this past March. It has 72,500 miles on it. Runs great this is just preventive maintenance since we don’t know what kind of routine maintenance it had prior to our purchase.


From all that I have read on this subject…just drop the pan and replace fluid with a filter change. Do nothing to stir up any residue or that will lead to problems in the near future.