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Fluid change in Auto Transmission

I have a 2000 RX300 Lexus with 70,000 miles. The fluid in the transmission has never been changed - as far as I know. Is it safe to do it now? Some mechanics say yes others say no - which is it?

The mechanics on this board, including transman who is a master transmission specialist/rebuilder, says change the fluid. Should have been doing it every 25K to 30K miles, regardless of what the owner’s manual may say. Better now than later.

Occasionally neglected fluid gets changed and blamed for previous transmission shortcomings that come to a head in a coincidental transmission failure.

Agreed, go ahead and change it.

Many shops offer a fluid “flush” instead of a fluid change- while this does change out more fluid, they usually don’t change the filter at the same time. However many times the filter does not need to be changed, so I’d encourage you to go this route.