Transmission fluid

I have a Lexus Rx300 yr.2000 -regarding transmission fluid -i am the second owner,117,000 miles and i don’t know if it has been done.The mechanic said don’t do anything w/ it because it may damage the car??? any tip is greatly appreciated

Translation: “The transmission is getting old and could fail at any time…I’m not going to touch it because when it fails they will try to blame me for it”.

Find someone else who will change the oil AND FILTER! Most transmission shops offer this service.

Caddyman is basically correct. Don’t let anyone talk you into a “flush” service. Just drop the pan and change the filter. This should be done every 25-30K. If the fluid looks like it might be the original (i.e. has never been serviced) then I would have the service done again after about 5-10K and then go to 25-30K.

I can only add that your mechanic has fallen for that old wives tale. It is true that many transmission fail shortly after changing the fluid. The reason is not because the fluid was changed, but, the reason the fluid usually gets changes is because the transmission has started to fail because of the lack of a proper fluid change (see Caddyman’s response for what makes a good change) and it was already too late to save it.

My mechanic was hesitant to drop a pan drop and filter change on my 93 Caprice (44k milrd) in 2002 when I inherited it. His rationale was that varnish from the old trans fluid may have built up on the internal parts, fresh fluid would break the varnish loose clogging up the passages.

Since the origninal fluid was still in good condition, he changed it on the condition that I wouldn’t give him a hard time if there were any problems. There were no problems. I just had it done again this year at 74k and the trans is shifting fine.

Ed B.

ok, would you recommend to drive the car for a couple of months and then sell it? thank you.