Transmission Oil Change

I have a Mercedes c280 2006 and it’s currently approaching 60k miles. The dealer recommended a transmission oil
Change, should I have it done now and if yes is this something any other mechanic could do? Thanks for any feedback!

Many posters here recommend automatic transmission fluid replacement every 30,000 miles. I think having it done would be wise. You should ask your mechanic about it.

I do NOT recommend having this, or anything else, done at a “quick-change” oil place.

What does your owner’s manual say?

Yes, your regular mechanic can change the transmission fluid. Make sure he drops the pan and changes the filter prior to refilling. Forget what the owners manual says. Do this every 25-30k miles and you should run trouble free.


As noted above. Change it no less than every 30,000 miles, and change the filter at the same time.

Don’t buy into the theory that changing fluid will damage your transmission. Those who say that, generally have seen or heard of transmissions failing right after a fluid change. They blame the failure on the change, while the real facts are the change was delayed beyond what I an most others here recommend and now just changed the fluid because it was beginning to indicate problems and since it failed shortly after they changed the fluid they will refuse to accept that the their lack or delayed change was the real reason for the problem.

Most mechanics can change the fluid (note we are saying “Change” not “Flush”)

Find a local independent mechanic that has been recommended by one or more of your friends, family or co-workers. Don’t go to the fast oil change place, even if it is just for directions.

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