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Flood waters

I have a 2002 and have not had a problem with blower motor, we had a flooded parking lot at work I had to move car out of, it was working while I moved it and at end of day absolutely nothing when I turn blower on

How high was the water?


Was just below doors and not up in exhaust

You can hear it click if you have A/C button selected but no air blowing

Did the water reach the level of the fuse box or of the blower motor?

It’s also possible that it reached a level high enough to short a wire connection to ground and cause the fuse to blow. Have you checked the fuses?

I have checked several of the fuses and they look good

Is there a specific fuse for blower motor?

I have checked all the ones for A/C and heater

There’s two.

Heater fuse 40 amp, and gauge fuse 10 amp.

Both are located in the instrument panel fuse box.

Also, try turning the fan speed to high, and then reach under the passenger side dash and rap on the blower motor with the handle of a screwdriver.

If the blower motor works, the problem is with the blower motor.


It may be shared with other circuits.
There should also be a “normally open” relay to allow the blower to shut off automatically when the engine is shut down. If you no longer have your Owners’ Manual, try looking at the printed guide on the covers for both the cabin fusebox and the fusebox under the hood. If that’s unclear, the parts window guy at the Toyota dealer can look it all up for you. Asked nicely, they’re usually happy to help.

If all else fails, try removing the fan and running it with a simple 9VDC portable radio battery. It should run freely and easily. The way the motor works is by its applied voltage being dropped with each position on the fan switch. I’ve tested blower motors this way and it’s simple and easy.

I’m thank you for your help

Thank you will try

If the water never got up to the doors, I doubt that the water had anything to do with your problem. I think it was just a coincidence that this is when the blower failed.

On most cars of that year, a resistor block controls the speed of the blower motor. If the blower does not work on any speed, either the blower is not getting power or the blower has burned out.


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