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FLIR thermal camera system

has anyone tried this system? who are the competitors? any lower priced options

Rather than a car group, I suggest you want want to look at a building equipment group.  

You might also want to look at photography sources. 

While you should be able to get some good advice on a remote IR sensor for something like finding hot spots on a radiator, I can't think of much in consumer level automotive uses for one.

This Isn’t The Proper Forum For A FLIR Camera. That said, I’ve looked at them before and they look good, although very price heavy. Go Look Elsewhere For Your Answers.

For automotive use buy a $50 to $75 non-contact infrared themometer.


Read this:

He could be talking about the actual in-car FLIR. Cadillac had one. Might still have it - I dunno.

You can retrofit one to your car. Here’s a place to get it, but I don’t think anyone’s going to like the $2,500 price.