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Sorry guys! My original post was removed!
I would like to thank everybody who thanked me for that public service message and those who gave positive feedback! Thanks, y’all!

My revised post/public service announcement (sans anything that can be misconstrued as advertising…)

This could be your next automotive/home tool/toy!

I have a similar one (different brand, more expensive) at my northern location, but wanted one to leave in the southern location, so a couple months ago I went to a local store (one of hundreds/thousands, nationally, that sells tools with a name that sorta rhymes with Cardboard Crate) and bought this basic tool for only $26.99 and I thought that was a great deal. It works great, giving instant temperature readings!

Now they are on sale through October for a mere $17.99, limit 5!

I’ve used my non-contact thermometers for diagnosing cars for dragging brakes, cooling system temperatures and checking the condo central air “delta” temperature difference between supply and return air, which is an indicator of how well the unit is functioning.

Don’t Tase me bro!
Disclaimer: I don’t work for or have an interest in any sales or marketing concerns. I am only relaying my own personal experience with a fun, practical tool, at an amazing price.


Perhaps other owners of non-contact thermometers could chime in and give other ways they have utilized their infrared laser tool.

I had to remove a link to this tool on sale because my original post was :black_flag: and removed. If anybody would like to put one up, it would be helpful! Thanks.

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CSA , I saw your original post and I think Flagging was an over reaction also .


Maybe it was flagged by someone who sells Snap-On tools. Didn’t want the competition?


Not everyone knows you’re trustworthy, and to the uninitiated eye, your user name and choice of language might look spammy.

I wouldn’t take it personally.

Thanks, I didn’t, but found it strange that my post was removed when I found so many other examples of references and links to products involving this company and others.

It sort of made we wonder if I should try and make any more contributions to the site or whether I should come back at all. I thought I’d try one more.

Perhaps before one is flagged, a little more human intervention is needed to keep from driving people away.


Please stay, we’re being over run. I’ve been flagged too. I fear at this pace the place will be closing up shop at some point. Always a few that ruin it. Geez it was just a friendly note on a piece of diagnostic equipment. We’ve discussed products and tools etc. all the time. Personally, it would be interesting to know who is doing the flagging. Might be the same one driving 55 in the left lane to make sure no one speeds. I’d buy one of those things but I just have no place to put it. I bought one of those optic scopes that I thought would be so useful on sale and just hasn’t turned out to be useful when I needed to see inside something. OTOH he who dies with the most toys wins.

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I have had an infrared temp gun for 30 years. It was $200 back then. Invaluable tool. Brakes, tire temps. Look for a dead cylinder by temping the exhaust headers.

Hot spots in the radiator, oil coolers, oil temp, trans temp, axle temp…if it is hot, you can check it.

But where oh where pray tell can I get one for the $20 bill I have in my pocket? Who what when where and why. All important to the story.

Oh! Bing, funny you should ask. Here’s one!
With a coupon it’s under 20 bucks!

It’s the exact one I bought, works great.:v:


Flag him! Off with his head! :wink:


Unlike this post, you’ve been flagged for good reason. I can’t say who flagged this post or your other comments, but it should be perfectly which one of your posts I flagged, because I also called you out when I did it.

Alas, it’s not on sale in my area. :frowning:

:pirate_flag: :dagger::astonished: :black_flag:
Rough neighborhood!


Please don’t pull an @irlandes. We love ya ( except when you gloat about your weather when we are having a blizzard)


Use coupon or code 53052399
Or for 7 bucks S&H ($18=$7=$25) they’ll ship it out.

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Yes, I even found out that the insulation on my loft was poorly distributed by finding cold spots on the ceiling during a winter.
It’s a very versatile piece of equipment.

I think, flagging a post should only be accepted by contacting the poster and giving the poster a chance to redo the post. If not done, It should be removed. Making the “flagger”'s identity public? Hmm, I don’t know.

Okay, I - for one - kinda understand @irlandes.
Over the last years, way too much noise and harsh words has been introduced between the - otherwise - well respected regular members on this forum. Just looking at some specific threads today makes me think that some better behaviour is needed. I have on several occasions thought of pulling the plug and I may still do it. Just sad as - in general - I like to read and learn from this forum, but I do not like to see some very intelligent persons yell at each other for no good reason. I want positives in my life, not negatives. They are everywhere, but those I try to replace with positives.

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Yup, I have done that as well! Walls, too, if you have hollow core, insulated walls like my last 3 houses.

Sending a PM to the moderators is a better solution if a person has doubts whether to flag or not. I have done that several times . As for identity that was possible before the last forum update and caused some severe resentment .I actually had my own personal flagger who seemed to flag just to flag. As for contacting the poster that will not work for those drive by posters who drag up old threads to post Spam or just plain nonsense.

What I meant was, that only the moderator should have the authority to remove a post.
Otherwise personnal interests could be a factor in whether a post gets flagged or not.

Well, that situation would solve itself as in post not changed, therefore removed

I was afraid to click this post,