Flies land on new 2010 velvet white Ford Escape

Why do flies land and excrete on my new 2010 high gloss velvet white Ford Escape on warm/hot days? I have washed it 4 times, once with a mixture of pinesol. I do not see flies on my neighbors car and did not have this happen to my green 2007 Ford Escape. Any answers other than a fly swatter?

On a sunny day the dark colored cars get too hot for the flies. It burns their feet if they land on them. The surface of your white escape stays cool enough for them to land on. I have the same problem with a white Ranger.

It does sound like the color of that vehicle is attracting the flies, but as to the solution to the problem, I am not sure of one that would not damage the paint. For now, I strongly suggest that you avoid using stuff like Pinesol on the paint of your new car, otherwise you are going to have much bigger problems than flies and their excreta.