2017 Ford Escape - Bad paint

Paint peeling off windshield pliars both sides I expecpt the roof to be next a spo with bubbles less then 35000 miles but time of warranty has run out. going for servvice on tuesday 13 th I’ll find out. It will be the last ford I’ll buy.

Look on the Ford/blue oval forums to see if it is a common problem with this year/color.

A friend has a 2009 Corolla and the paint was peeling, He thought that is it but then he got a letter about a class action lawsuit and now he has a freshly painted car.

Safercar.gov shows three complaints for peeling paint on the 2017 Escape. There are no similar complaints for the 2016 or 2018 model years. There are no manufacturer communications concerning this issue. While it clearly exists, it doesn’t seem widespread. Check Ford forums to see if others experienced it and what they are doing about it.