Flashing Lights with No Key in Ignition

This problem occurs only in the morning after driving my car to work. Once I park the car, turn off the lights and head in to work the headlights front and back continue to flash. The flashing headlights continue over varying time lengths. Anywhere from a few min up to about ten minuets at times.

I have thought of disconnecting the battery after I get to work to stop the flashing. While that works it doesn’t shed any light on the problem. If anyone has had a similar problem or some great ideas I’d love to hear about them.

It sounds to me as if you have some kind of glitch with the car’s security system.
Please note that Jeeps are prone to all kinds of really weird and difficult to fix electronic problems, so this may entail going to a dealership where they are more familiar with the particular problems of this make.

Thanks I’ll look into that. Seems like other post about mysterious flashing lights may be connected to alarm systems as well.

Usually it is the parking lights that flash with the security system alarm. The trouble may be with the light switch or someone has added a special circuit to the lights possibly.