Flashing lights on Saturn Ion

Does anyone know why my radio lights and daytime running lights, would suddenly start flashing rapidly? Even the blinkers flash rapidly. The only way I can get it to stop is to turn on the full night-time lights. I’ve already checked, and the bulbs are not burned out. Hmmm. ?? It only happens when the car is in drive, thus engaging the daytime running lights.

I’d check the headlight relay for the flashing light problem. The turn signal (blinker) problem might be a burned-out bulb. Walk around the car and see if one of the turn signal bulbs is not working.

Thanks for the lead on the headlight relay. I will check into that. I had no idea that it could affect the radio lights and interior stuff. None of the bulbs are burned out. I checked all around the car. The front left daytime light looks dimmer than the right, but it isn’t burned out.

I have this identical problem. Front left DRL is dim as half the bulb is lit compared to the right one and everything flashes until I turn the headlights on. I replaced the front driver side amber bulb and it didn’t help. Were you able to find what causes this skmm2007???