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03 Escape

Hello everyone I looking for info about a problem I’m having with my Escape. After the vechile is started either by remote or key the daytime running lights start to flash/blink. There is no flashing light on the dash to indicate a problem, but after about 5min. the daytime running lights will dim then start to blink/flash. If the headlights are then turned on they do not blink/flash. If the headlights are left on then turned off the flashing/blinking re-occurs, samething when the vechile is turned off and restsrted. If any one has any information to a cause/solution it would be a great help. Thankyou

I’d check the relay, or relays, that control the DRLs. It sounds like a relay is overheating after a few minutes and malfunctioning. If there’s a circuit breaker in the DRL circuit check that, too.