Flashing cruise ligh and engine light

I have a 2007 L.L. Bean Edition Forrester. The cruise light is flashing and check engine light is solid. I am well into my retirement age and nearest dealer is about 2 hours away. Is this something that local mechanic can fix? He is very good, but not Subaru schooled. Help, I’m afraid to drive it now.

If he’s good, he should be able to fix it. The fact that the check engine light is solid (not flashing) means you can drive it to his shop. He’ll hook up a code reader and find out what error codes are causing the two lights to turn on, and he’ll diagnose it from there. Make sure he calls you with the diagnosis and cost estimate, you don’t want him to fix it without knowing the problem and estimated costs.

+1 for @texases since I couldn’t say it any better than that.