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Subaru Outback Warning Lights

My 2005 Outback’s Check Engine light is on, steady, while the SPORT and CRUISE lights are flashing. I know this is code for something, but I can’t find it in the manual. Thanks!

Check Engine light codes can be gotten by going to an auto parts house like Autozone, Advance Auto parts, and get the codes read. Format is Pxxxx. Post the codes back here and someone can probably help you with interpreting the codes.

Can’t help on the other two lights that flash, but I would call the dealer and ask what they mean.

Thanks for your quick response! I will stop at Advance AP this morning and post the codes later today.

The SPORT and CRUISE lights are flashing since the Check Engine light(CEL) is on. Basically your car disables the Sport mode of automatic and Cruise Control until the CEL light goes off. Often also the ABS light will come on also in Subaru’s.

When I first started my car this morning my transmission was slipping so badly, with no prior warning. I almost got rear-ended, it was so bad. Once it got going, it was fine. It couldn’t be a coincidence that all of this happened in 24 hours, could it? I took my car to my mechanic now, so I will post the results tomorrow. Thanks for all your help.