Flashing ABS & Track Off Flashing

I’ve seen This Problem discussed about GMC models but not Toyota Avalon.
Why does my '97 Avalon ABS & Track Off dash warning lights Continually flash on occasion? Also, on ocassion while making a turn, my car just shuts off! So far, it’s started right up without stranding me.

ABS sensor or wiring fault will trip on the ABS light. That will cause the Track Off light to come on. A scanner should pick up the sensor fault. Are the lights on when the engine cuts out?

There is a way to read the ABS codes on your Toyota OBD II without a code reader. It requires shorting two of the pins on the OBD connector, I believe number 4 & 13 but don’t quote me on it, just google it.

@Knfenmore, No, no lights on at all when it cuts out. But immediately starts up again (so far)

Is it realistic to think that a Mechanic OTHER then a Toyota Dealership would/could be able to perform Wiring repairs, correctly, if that turns out to be the fault. But I guess a car of this age, the expectation is for sensors to go bad?

There was a caller on a recent show that had the engine stall during turning problem, so check the “call summary” sections from the last few shows, & download that podcast and listen to what Tom and Ray said. As I recall they thought it was a wiring harness component that was being stressed, but only on turns in that direction.

Re the ABS flashing, check what your owner’s manual says. Usually it means the ABS computer has decided something is wrong w/the ABS system, and so it is alerting you (the driver) that the ABS doesn’t work, so you need to take the car to the shop to get it fixed. The “track” light is for the same reason, as the two functions use common resources. The most common reason for ABS faults it seems from discussions here is that one of the wheel speed sensors is on the fritz. Because of their location they get a lot of abuse, rocks and dirt and grime and water thrown up from the road.

When I had the problem there was also an emissions issue so if the abs sensor doesn’t fix it I was told sometimes the oxygen sensor can trip similatlr codes. I am not sure why and if this is completely accurate as this was a while ago but I remember the mechanic had said that might be it and I guess was.

Forget about the oxygen sensor

it’s got nothing to do with your flashing ABS lights

Whatever mechanic told you this might want to consider changing professions


When a customer complains the ABS and Trac off lights are on they usually don’t reveal that the check engine light is also on. The problem maybe only engine related, this conversation is rather vague.

Trac Control is disabled when there is a CEL because the system can’t depend on the engine to perform properly until the problem is resolved. Basically you have a flashing CEL which means a major problem that should be corrected immediately. Get the codes read by a mechanic, an auto supply store, or a Toyota dealer. This isn’t a “wiring” problem, unless you’ve had a rodent infestation in the car.

I’m not sure I really agree with those last few statements

I’ve worked on tons of vehicles with O2 sensor problems . . . some with codes, some without . . . and they did not affect the traction control system

But “that’s just me” as one of the other regulars likes to say

By the way, I just realized that the guy that’s trying to link ABS sensor to oxygen sensor is NOT the OP

We all got derailed, thanks to this guy