Flasher weird and Climate blower

Okay so, I’ve got a 1998 Honda accord with 210k+ miles on it. It runs amazing, gets 28-30 mpg. It’s been in our family since 2000. The car is just starting to have some weird quirks. The blower for the AC/Heat has, for the past year or two, been working sporadically in the winter. This summer is the first time it’s doing the same thing. If I slam the hood shut, it will come back on. I can live with this, but the other problem is new. The left signal lights aren’t out. I’ve checked the front and back. When I turn on the blinker it blinks very very fast. Also, when I have the headlights on and need to make a left turn, it blinks painfully slow, but if I turn off the lights, it goes fast.

What can these two problems be? Are they possibly related? The issue with the blinkers has been about a week.

The blower problem may be due to a faulty blower relay or the motor itself. Try appling power directly to the motor and see if that makes a difference.

The turn signal problem may be due to the flasher unit or in the turn signal switch.