1999 VW Jetta - To Fix or Not to Fix?

We have a 1999 VW Jetta. It needs about $1500-$2000 worth of work in it to be in “top” shape but we want to get rid of it. We don’t know if we should sell it or fix it first and sell it. Help?!

How many miles on it? Does it have any body rust? What work does it need? Who told you so, and who gave you the $1500-$2000 estimate? Do you trust that mechanic? Have you consulted the MechanX files here on Car Talk to find a recommended mechanic in your area? If you got rid of it, what would you replace it with?

Can’t answer your question without some idea what the needed repairs entail. If the car won’t run down the road as in a bad transmission, the answer is obvious.

Why would u put money in a car if u r certain to get rid of it?

Check the blue book value for the two conditions and do the math.

The cheapest option would probably be to fix it and keep it which you didn’t list as an option.

Even if the $1500-$2000 is correct, that is not a lot to spend if the rest of the car is good and has a lot of life left in it. If you owned a Mercedes or Jaguar, that amount would be just enough for a “tune-up”. Unless you buy a brand new car, any used car you buy will likely cost you at least $500 in the first year for maintenance and repairs.

If the car really irritates you or you have just won the lottery, by all means sell it and get something new.