Fix for the 2015 Subaru Forester "jack rabbit start" accelerator



Is there an aftermarket fix for the “jack rabbit start” accelerator on my Subaru Forester. It is dangerous to parallel park because I do not know how far the car is going to go when I touch the accelerator. Thanks.


I have the same year and model, and have no problem as you describe. Take it to a good mechanic.

Why would you want an aftermarket fix? just get it repaired.


Maybe the problem is that the throttle body should be cleaned due to a sticking throttle plate.


I’ve mostly recalibrated my right foot to avoid the jack rabbit starts with my 2015 Forester. I’t did take some practice but I’ve found that just a little pressure on the pedal is enough to start moving. Makes driving in traffic and parallel parking a snap.


Do you have to switch between cars? I have some of that problem when I drive my wife’s car, the throttle is more sensitive. But after a while I adjust.