First Time Car Buyer

I am very interested in purchasing a 2007 Honda Civic EX with a 5-speed manual, and 100,000 miles. Car has clean title but was in an accident where airbags deployed back in 2010 and car has since been fixed with new airbags. Price is great at only $3200 and condition appears good. Would this be a good buy? Listing:

I would think this thing has a salvage title and if that is so I would not even consider it . But what ever you do pay a mechanic to look it over if you really want it. Looks good does not always mean good repair.

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@VOLVO_V70 the OP said

Air bags deploying do not automatically scrap a car. @Jordan_Richheimer I firmly agree with Volvo, though in that you absolutely should have a mechanic inspect it prior to agreeing to purchase the vehicle.

Great point. Already have an appointment setup with a shop. If the mechanic says its a good buy, do you think given accident was 9 years ago and has been repaired should I buy it?

That mechanics opinion is the only one you should listen to. He will see the thing in person those of us on the web can’t.


The link doesn’t want to open for me, how much did they want for it? The mechanic’s clean bill of health is by far the most important thing at this stage (and I think it’s a good sign when the owner doesn’t fight with you when you request to have your mechanic check out the car)

They only want $3200 OBO so I’d maybe offer $2700 and leverage how it was in an accident since the current owner doesn’t seem to know that. And even $3200 for a Civic EX with sunroof and alloy wheels and only 100k miles seems like a goldmine as long as the mechanic says its good to go.

Does the owner have maintenance records?

I have carfax. Heres part. I’ll send other parts in another message.

Because of the area the car is for sale in, be sure to have the mechanic pay particular attention to rust. And let the mechanic know the airbags deployed.

I actually heard from a friend that Pennsylvania doesn’t use road salt and instead uses a type of sand which doesn’t harm vehicles as much and the car was in PA for most of its life so hopefully it isn’t that bad.

That depends on where you live in PA, but generally it isn’t as bas as Rochester unless it is in Erie.

checking carfax. it appears that car was re-sold at 102K miles

if it was such a bargain, why the recent owner wants to play a “hot potato” ?

Yeah it’s weird it’s being sold again. But basically the first owner had it for 95% of it’s life for 11 years so I don’t even really consider the 2nd owner actually much of an owner given he has it for only a few months.

so, during your visit, why don’t you ask the [innocent] “why?” question :slight_smile:

Red Flag! Red Flag!! That fact alone would make me look for another car. The short time, 2nd owner may be 1) A car “flipper” that bought this car far cheaper than $3200, spruced it up (lipstick on a pig??) and now is turning it over. Or 2) The 2nd owner bought it and found out it has a serious problem and is trying to dump it. Either way, I’d look for another car. But that’s me.


I would not necessarily jump into (1) and (2) conclusions outlined by @Mustangman, since the latest owner might have some other valid reasons (which may be true or lies!), but I would be suspicious and would both question the owner and make for much closer examination on the vehicle condition (need a GOOD mechanic, ideally working before on this model)

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Seeing the 2nd owner bought it from an auction 2 months ago is enough to scare me.