First Time Car Buyer



I am a rather suspicious type when it comes to buying used cars… But @thegreendrag0n makes a good point. There could be other, more innocent reasons the car is getting sold in short order.


One good friend of mine used to buy all his (and his bg family) used cars from auction, he even drew some kind of paperwork needed to be able to participate in non-public / B2B auctions, then he fixed them up and held for as long as he liked, which was in the range between few months and 10+ years :slight_smile:
I would absolutely buy a used car from him, as he was insanely meticulous about getting car in the the proper condition and maintaining it to the best.
The cars he flipped fast were of “I tried it, I did not like it” sort, not a “lipstick on a pig” :slight_smile:
Anyway, a lot of good used cars go through auctions, this is not a plague mark, only a sign to be more careful.


I actually called the dealers it was serviced at and asked what was done. A year ago 3 recalls were serviced, one being the passenger airbag so I know that was done right. Also, the other dealer said they got the car on a trade in from the 1st owner, put in a new alternator since it failed and sent it to auction since they don’t sell any cars over 100k miles. Thus there was nothing wrong with it when it was sent to auction. Simply sent for mileage reasons.


it looks like you are carefully doing your homework :slight_smile:
keep going :slight_smile:


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