What to do with rebuilt salvage honda civic

Hello, I am having trouble figuring out to do with my used 2001 Honda Civic. It is a great car and I bought it from a Polish couple in Michigan in March. I am from NY and was going to school in MI at the time. I don’t know much about cars and didn’t realize what a salvage title was. When I moved back to NY and registered the car I got a notice in the mail saying that there was a mistake made at the DMV and they weren’t suppose to register it for me until I got a salvage inspection but the car will remain registered and I have to get this inspection before they send me the NY title and before it can be re-registered. So I got the inspection and they told me that I have to get the passenger airbag replaced because it has no sticker even though it is perfectly fine. I just graduated from grad school and moved to NYC so I can’t afford to buy an airbag. I can’t sell the car unless I have a title and I won’t be able to re-register it until I get this airbag. I feel like I am stuck and would love any suggestions. Can I get it registered and a title in another state? And where do I go to get a new airbag that I can feel safe about not getting ripped off since this seems to be my only option? I am living in Brooklyn NY. Thank you!

I am thinking instead of buying a brand new airbag, try going to a scrap yard and see if they have a car like yours that you can get that particular airbag out of. Im not sure if scrapyards will do that but it is worth a try.

Thanks, I am trying to find out now if I even have to get it replaced by law. They did say that I have to come back with the old airbag and the receipt for the new one so they may require that it is new…

I am curious. Can anyone tell me what the fair market value of a 9 year old Honda Civic with a salvage title is, even if it passes inspection? Could this be a case of driving that car to a really scary part of town, and park it and walk away? Just asking. Do not report it stolen, though, that involves various crimes, I think.

I will say if you are going to own cars, you need to shift gears, and learn something about them, and I say that with no intent to offend.

Sometimes community colleges have adult ed courses in car ownership and maintenance. Or, frankly, you can read this URL. Even experienced car owners learn a lot here.

If I were you I would be looking to ditch the car anyway - they are more of a hassle in NYC than anything else. Obviously though you may need it for the occasional road trip, but then you can rent. You’d probably find the $$ for the rental is easily canceled out by the cost & hassle of keeping this car in NYC.

I don’t know how much money you’d need to recover to not lose out entirely, but you have working motor & transmission for an '01 Civic along with plenty of other parts. I believe - though I could be wrong - that you would be allowed to sell it as a parts car only.

I don’t think I’d pay to have an airbag installed in this car. It may easily cost more than the car is worth.

I’d think about selling the car for parts, or to someone who knows how to deal with a salvage title in NY.

This sounds like more trouble than it’s worth.

In Brooklyn, NY, you can probably live easily without a car. I would sell it.

I drive an old Honda Civic, and I have thought about using the engine in either a two-seat street-legal dune buggy, or a custom three wheel motorcycle with the engine in the back. I seriously doubt these are options for you, especially if you don’t have a secure place to park in Brooklyn, but I thought this might give you some ideas.

SELL IT, and write it off as experience. It may not even be legal to buy a used airbag and I don’t know of shops that would want to install one.

Obviously the Polish couple you bought it from were duped as well, but the price was right, no doubt.

Okay. So I have found out that I do have to have the airbag replaced by law by the dealer to get the title. I do not want to ditch my car. It is actually a great car and you would never know that it was in an accident by looking at it or driving it. It is a standard and has great mileage. I have had it for almost 2 years without any problems. It is a pain to have in the city but if I can keep it for another year I would like to since I do leave often and have family elsewhere. I will look into selling it for parts, however.
My question now is if it is possible to reverse the process and go back to my MI title. I doubt it but its worth asking.

Your car with is worth 20-50% of value of clear title vehicle. A 2001 Civic is about $4500 in reasonable condition with a clear title. Half that amount to ~$2000 and subtract for airbag(likely $1000) and that is what it is worth if you fix it.

Alternatively I would call some salvage yards and see what they will give you for vehicle if you drive there. Explain situation. You may be surprised.

Your situation is a bummer but one year depreciation is more on majority of cars than you likely spent on your one year ride with this chariot.

Good luck

If you know somebody in Michigan, maintaining the plate and title there might be an option. The “Nanny State” thing is getting out of hand…If you now have NO TITLE, apply in Michigan for a duplicate title (say you lost it when you moved), the title number is on your registration, then sell the car as a parts car with a legal title. Just list it on craigslist. If the title thing becomes just too much hassle, sell it with no title, just a bill of sale with the VIN on it. A “parts” buyer does not care…